Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What If The Payoff Were Even Bigger?

(Chapter #1: Homemade vs. Processed Foods)

Advocates of a holistic lifestyle take it even further. In his book, The Natural Vet's Guide to Preventing and Treating Cancer in Dogs, Shawn Messionnier, D.V.M. notes that 50% of dogs will develop cancer in their advanced years. In outlining his general strategy for both minimizing the chances of cancer and treating cancer, he lists providing a proper diet among his recommendations. He asserts,
Minimize animal and plant by-products and chemical preservatives in our pet's diet. When possible, a homemade diet using quality ingredients is best; a holistic, organic processed food would be a second option.

Wendy and Jack Volhard are 30-year dog training veterans who developed their own "Motivational Method" and are strong proponents of the holistic approach. On their website, Wendy writes:
We have made our own food for well over 30 years now, and our dogs are living longer and longer each generation. Whereas the normal lifespan of a Newfoundland in 1998 was 6.2 -6.7 years according to a national survey done by the Newfoundland Club of America, our dogs, and other dogs following the Natural Diet, live up until 15 years of age.

Those results are hard to argue or find fault with. The empirical data backing up such claims is limited, to be sure. But it is here where we find ourselves (out of sheer love for our pet, and the desire to do anything we can in his best interest) thinking, "Why not just give it a try?"

While the loose regulations on dog food labeling leaves us somewhat in the dark as to what exactly we are feeding our pet, good home cooking allows for flexibility and purity. It also gives us total control over our dog's nutritional needs. We can be assured that all ingredients are of the highest quality, and add up to a balanced, oxinfree diet. And, let's not diminish the importance of the one ingredient that only we can add, and which most certainly will be acking in any commercial dog food -- love.

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